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How Important Is a Nursery Menu?

A child's mind is absorbing a lot of information during the early years as they participate in new situations for the first time, therefore a nursery meal should include all the items your child requires to flourish. At NutriFresh we understand the effects a balanced & healthy diet has on a child's capacity for learning.

It takes a lot of energy for children to learn new ideas and concepts and to figure out how various things operate. Additionally, they are getting to know a lot of new people and developing their social skills, which can be demanding in their formative years. In essence, they are growing quickly throughout this time, and their minds are like sponges.

In order to support their well-being and cognitive development, good nutrition is crucial.

Parents are delegating this obligation to the nursery professionals at nursery– as many parents have full-time jobs and a child may spend the majority of the week at childcare. Therefore, the nursery menu must offer the correct foods to their child. A child care facility has a responsibility to expose a child to a range of foods and develop a routine of regular meals and wholesome snacks.

The requirements that nurseries and other childcare providers must meet are laid out in the Government's Statutory Framework for The Early Years Foundation Stage. These, however, are ambiguous, and as a result, are frequently misunderstood. Therefore, without receiving recommendations on what to add from a competent dietitian or nutritionist, nurseries utilise their own expertise to determine what foods to serve kids without the guidance of a licenced dietitian or nutritionists.

To assist nurseries in correctly interpreting the standards, childcare settings can use our service which design menus specifically for early years and we are dedicated to offer our nurseries a nourishing meal plan approved by children nutritionist and dieticians. Every day, NutriFresh meals are freshly made, by our own in-house, skilled chefs who make sure that the meals are wholesome and well-balanced by offering a choice of appetising cuisine.

We take healthy eating seriously because we are aware that this is an important time in a child's development, as it marks the beginning of their feeding habits and preferences which will have an impact to help create a society that is healthier and happier.

Every parent wants to be sure that their child is getting a healthy meal at their nursery and by using NutriFresh services, nursery settings can meet a core aspect of nutrition which is vital to a child’s learning and growth.


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