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Healthy Eating Habits During Early Years

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

One of the largest health issues facing our nation is obesity. England has some of the highest rates of childhood obesity among wealthy nations, with nearly one in four kids overweight or obese before they start school. Therefore, there is a keen focus in minimising childhood obesity.

We are aware that early exposure to a diverse variety of foods fosters acceptance of new foods and results in a diet richer in the range of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals essential for good health. It is crucial to support the establishment of healthy eating habits in early years settings, such as nurseries and childminders, by offering the right amounts of energy and nutrients.

Since children's eating habits and dietary preferences are developed early in life, the time they spend in early years settings, has a key influence which makes it the perfect place to mould healthy eating habits. Young children's diets provide them with more energy than they require albeit they consume less fruit, vegetables, fatty fish, and fibre than is recommended. Children who are overweight or obese as children are more likely to be overweight adults, which frequently results in long-term health problems.

Dietary recommendations are brought to life by the menus offered at nurseries. With NutriFresh Meal Plans you can meet government recommendations, and offer meals everyday which are full of nutrients using fresh wholesome ingredients. It also offers parents direct access on how to introduce different foods and textures to their kids at home.

NutriFresh offers useful information to make it easier to plan meals and snacks that satisfy the nutritional demands of children; we are aware that it can be challenging to cater for a variety of food preferences and age groups and so we are here to remove those roadblocks.

Instead of being the normal menu for any particular day, with every Monday being Turkey Bolognese and every Friday being Fish, our menus are created to help early years settings effectively plan for the needs of the children in their care. We cater for 14 allergens plus special diets, to ensure every child has a nutritious, balanced meal everyday.

The future health of UK children will be supported by taking proactive steps to prevent overweight or obese children starting in early years. NutriFresh is committed to working with educational establishments to make a difference and believe by providing a consistent nursery meal plan it sets the foundation to support healthy eating habits later in life for all children.

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