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About Us

Feeding Our Future!

NutriFresh began as an initiative set out to make a difference in the quality of meals provided at nursery setting. There was a need for a company to make the step to provide fresh, nutritious healthy, yet delicious meals. Recognising a change was needed, the idea to become the number 1 nursery catering company in the Midlands started.

NutriFresh now supplies fresh nutritious meals daily for early years settings, which not only fills up tummies and put smiles on children's faces but also fuels their brains. We work closely with nutritionists and our professional chefs to make every recipe delicious and as tasty as possible by using local fresh whole ingredients (yummy!).


We take pride in our approach and are committed in providing an exceptional service, to our customers, parents and children, to build a long-lasting relationship and to make a real difference.


We have a lot of big plans to change the way children are eating within the UK, one dish at a time, so stay tuned into our journey!

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