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Menu Plans

Menu creations are at the forefront of our business. We understand the importance of a diverse menu so children are experiencing a variety of ingredients, fruit and vegetables, each offering its own beneficial vitamins & minerals.

Our menu plans include Lunch & Dessert and Afternoon Tea, to ensure children are well fuelled throughout the day. Menus are based on a 3-week cycle which changes throughout the seasons to provide seasonal change of ingredients within each menu.

Top nutritionists overlook our menu plans, thus ensuring children are eating a well balanced diet which is also portion controlled. We understand that some children do have specific allergens and special meals are required for them. We do cater for allergens including but not limited to dairy, soya and gluten. We can go through allergens within your setting on a one-to-one basis.  

We undergo strict criteria for selecting our suppliers as we hold high ethical standards for the produce used in our dishes. We are proud to say that we always seeks to use meat produce which is Farm Assured, meaning that our fresh meat are British born and bred to meet strict quality standards. 

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Cooked by Professional Chefs

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We are committed to using Farm Assured Produce


Meals reviewed by Top Nutritionists

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